An excellent product that exceeds the standards of its category. A powerful yet beautifully crafted vodka that is very well balanced and offers a full-bodied fruitiness. An aromatic product with a great structure and well controlled alcohol.

International Taste Institute

Crystalline and pure on the nose, reminiscent of a mountain stream, seagrass, Meyer lemon peel, and peach pits. On the palate it is scintillatingly smooth, with notes of white currant, vanilla, and pink peppercorn. A very beautiful vodka, indeed.

Ultimate Spirit Challenge

A citrus herbaceous vodka that punches above its weight. Fruit forward intense character with touches of vanilla and honey, the spirit is balanced and forthright with great sweet pepper finish.

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Aromas of licorice and lemongrass on the nose leading to fresh a palate of spices, and toasted grain with a long-lasting finish.

London Spirits Competition

The vodka is contained in a transparent and elegantly designed bottle that features a raised textured label that evokes the creature that inspired its name.Its nose is very well-pronounced, bordering on a certain minerality.

On the palate, the vodka presents a beautiful roundness that is totally devoid of aggressiveness.

The finish on the palate is marked by a beautiful minerality of medium length but which leaves an excellent sensation after it has dissipated from the palate.

A highly appreciated vodka which led its tasters, in addition to awarding it the Grand Gold, to also nominate it as a candidate for this year’s Jury Prize.

Monde Selection – International Quality Institute Since 1961

Volcanic Mountain water

We found nature’s best water buried 1.5km deep within the Kirvi volcanic mountain range in the Faroe Islands. Our water is one of the most environmentally friendly waters in the world.